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A great start to 2023

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Lindfield Repair Cafe has seen two busy months for the start of 2023.

The unique Kids’ Room is a great way to encourage a new generation of repairers and some enthusiastic youngsters had the chance to learn about woodworking using specialised tools in January. Between them they made a sign which will be used at future events.

February also had a great turnout. Visitors included a seven-foot inflatable dinosaur and his small friend, who both needed some attention, and a Third Wise Man was carved from scratch by one of the woodworking volunteers, to join his friends after suffering irreparable damage! A monogrammed leather case, dating from 1929 had its handle expertly fixed using a recycled piece of leather. Four young volunteers helped out and 17 children visited the Kids’ Table where they decorated wooden hearts for Valentine’s Day.

As always, many everyday items were also repaired. These are so important to the ethos of the Repair Cafe where the aim is to save items from landfill by giving them a new lease of life. This month the sewing team put new elastic in pyjama bottoms and mended a coat pocket, an umbrella holder and a draught excluder. The electrical team rewired a Vax, repaired a printer and mended a standard lamp. Bike brakes were fixed and tools sharpened, a pond pump repaired and a staplegun unjammed!

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