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New life for two Teds

Ted before surgery
Ted before surgery
Rejuvenated Ted with talented repairer Susan
Rejuvenated Ted with talented repairer Susan

Lindfield Repair Cafe had some very important visitors to their event on Saturday 3rd February – two 72-year-old teddies, both given to their owners when they were born. They were each given a new lease of life and the Repair Cafe team were thrilled to receive this wonderful account of Ted’s day out, sent in by his delighted owner.

‘Ted had not expected to go on an outing today. Such a joy to see sunshine and people, having spent the majority of his adult life in darkness, alone, in the loft, gathering injuries over the years. Foot lacerations, cuts to his paws and a recent

broken nose had added to his discomfort.

Ted was not looking his best, but then, at 72, not all of us are. Ted and I have both seen better days, but we’ve never left each other, both still here and both 72.

We originally lived in Wales where I was born. Ted joined me shortly after my birth. He was a Londoner, from Hamleys. We loved Wales and then moved to Sussex where we’ve been ever since.

So, our outing today was to the Lindfield Repair Cafe, where my dear friend Polly, artist in residence, kindly encouraged us. I had not been totally honest with Ted when I told him we were going to an exclusive private hospital where he would undergo surgery to improve his condition and enhance his quality of life. I assured him however he would be very well looked after.

We were not disappointed. We were introduced to Ted’s surgeon, Susan, and both immediately felt at ease, knowing that Ted was in kind and capable hands. General anaesthetic, operation successful and home for rest and recuperation. What a joy for both Ted and me, especially when we were told that we were both looking amazing for our age. Gratitude for that.

Ted is now rejuvenated, never to return to the dark loft. He’s now in the light, enjoying life, we’re together and wherever I go Ted will go.

This is Ted’s second life; he’s no longer Ted. He was deserving of a better name so he’s now Edward Thomas. Thomas was my maiden name and Edward Thomas is my favourite Welsh poet. So now we are looking forward to this new life together and many years of fun. With love from Edward and Helen Thomas.’

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