Become a Corporate Sponsor

As a non-profit Community Interest Company, funded by voluntary donations, we
always need help. If you have the same values as us and understand the need to
reduce landfill, to educate and motivate people to repair rather than discard and
appreciate the value of a project embedded in the local community, you are exactly
the sponsor we are looking for. Becoming a sponsor does not have to mean giving
cash, we are always happy to receive donations of equipment that will support the
running of Lindfield Repair Cafe.


To date, generous sponsors have donated:


  • PAT testing machine.

  • Knife sharpener

  • Website  

  • Domain name

  • Kids’ screwdriver and safety glasses

  • Subscription to Repair Cafe Organisation

  • Marketing flag

  •  Flyers





We Require.

  • Signage: pull up and A-frame 

  • Storage boxes (Really Useful or similar)

  • Large rubber mat

  • Supplies for repairs: batteries, screws, fuses

  • Table covers

  • Tools – hand or electric

  • Art and craft supplies

  •  Marquee/gazebo

Our first cafe was a great success, with visitors making generous donations towards our running costs. If you are interested in supporting our work and can help with any of the items below, we would love to hear from you.

Other expenses include hall rental at £1,000 per year, plus insurance at £300. Any supporters that are able to contribute to these running costs would be greatly appreciation. All donations will be acknowledged in our publicity materials.almost every site.


Valued Partnerships

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