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We need you

Lindfield Repair Café is nothing without our volunteers; we can always find something for new people to do. We regularly need new volunteers, especially on the repairing side.  There is always room for people who would to like to share their knowledge with neighbours and who have skills in:

  • clothing/textiles

  • home electrical devices

  • bicycles/garden equipment

  • furniture/wooden objects

  • china/pottery

  • jewellery/watch repairs


In addition, volunteers are needed to help us run the monthly café event.  This includes helping with set up (and clearing up afterwards!), serving coffee, tea and cakes, welcoming visitors and allocating repair jobs, making sure our repairers are kept busy and receiving donations from visitors.  Somebody needs to bake those lovely cakes for us as well.

Finally, there is also room for people who are handy online, particularly those with social media skills who can help us maintain our website and support our marketing team with posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.  

If you're not sure how you can help, or how often, please get in touch and we'll talk it through. We'd love to add you to our volunteer list. 



Trevor Carpenter

Founder and Organiser of Lindfield Repair Cafe. His repair skills are very limited, but his vision to reduce landfill, be a hub for the local community and inspire children led him to start Lindfield Repair Café.

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