As well as our band of dedicated volunteers, we're extremely grateful to our sponsors for their assistance in meeting our running costs and donating goods, supplies, time and equipment.

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HSBC have agreed to provide us with a gazebo and a pavement sign.

FixPart will offer a 15% discount on parts. Thanks to both organisations!

There are many volunteer roles allowing you to get involved. You can offer your skills as a repairer, work in the café, admin, marshalling or help out in the background answering queries, bookkeeping or supporting our marketing team.

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Lindfield Repair Café is a non-profit Community Interest Company project based in Lindfield. Our goal is to reduce waste by providing a volunteer-based repair service and community café to anyone in the Lindfield area. If you have something that needs fixing, just pop into one of our monthly repair café events and we’ll do our very best to have it back to you in working condition in no time at all. Remember you don't have to be a Lindfield resident, we are pleased to welcome visitors from across the mid-Sussex area.


Sorry - no clock repairs at this time

Our specialist clock repairer, Jon, is currently not available

What happens when you visit?

1. Welcome
2 Collect your form at welcome desk
3. Fill in form in the lounge. Please don't forget to sign the back.
4. Take your form to the allocation desk in the main hall
5.Have a drink and cake freshly made by our baker volunteers, in the lounge.
6. Our volunteer will collect you when our specialist repair is ready for you.
7. Work with our repairer.
8. Hand in your form at the departure desk.
We hope to see you again. If you are happy, please consider making a donation.

Please share your repair experience on social media

Would you like to volunteer? Ask at the welcome desk


Our local Waste Prevention Advisor and recycling champion

Colin McFarlin introduces Lindfield Repair Café

Computers for Kids - The Journey so far

An insight into an organisation close to our hearts told by its founder, Colin Hill

What's On

2 July:

All the usual plus repairs with a Holidays, Camping, Garden and Crime Prevention Theme

What's On

1st October:

Woodworking month

All the usual repairs undertaken and this month the focus is on woodworking. The social enterprise How To Basically will be there to teach youngsters how to use a power drill. For further information on them and the life skills courses they offer see


As always there will be a team of volunteers to carry out repairs on both everyday and more unusual items offering skills which include sewing, electrical and computer expertise, bike repairs, tool sharpening and general fixing. Visitors can enjoy a hot drink and delicious cake whilst they wait!

Please note the Repair Cafe does not carry spare parts, batteries, zips etc so if you think you are likely to need any please bring along if you can.

5th November:

It's our first birthday!

Join us for our birthday celebrations and look out for some great activities.

There's sure to be cake

3rd December:

Open for teas, coffees and cakes, all the usual repairs plus a pre-loved presents theme.


Sept 2022

Visitors: 78

Completed Repairs: 62

Estimated Savings: £2,220

Ongoing repairs: 12

Returning with parts: 14


Lindfield Repair Café
United Reformed Church
52 High Street
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 2HL


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