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Repair Café News

Extracts from the latest Newsletter from the global Repair Café Foundation.

Have you noticed that Repair Cafés are doing well? We have certainly noticed! Recently, our network has grown rapidly, and the existing Repair Cafes are busy. On our world map, you can see in which neighbourhoods all over the world you can get items repaired.


Repair Cafés attract younger repairers

We also detect a trend: several Repair Cafés have recently gained younger repairers. That's good news for the future of Repair Café! Want to know why young people are joining a Repair Café? Find out on our website.


Dozens of Repair Cafés have been around for ten years or more

And there is more good news: more and more Repair Cafés are celebrating their tenth anniversary! This shows that Repair Cafes are not one-day wonders. The friendly and useful meeting places have become essential to their neighbourhoods.


BBC film about Repair Cafés

The media also still love the Repair Café.

And for obvious reasons. There is always something going on in Repair Cafés. You meet friendly, helpful people and hear great stories about precious objects. BBC Earth made a short film about it, with footage from Repair Cafés in Amsterdam, Lisbon and New York City.


Get involved in the Repair Cafe movement!

Do you want to be part of the global network? Become a volunteer or donate! Also, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

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